prepare teams and support them for change
Diagnostic RH de territoire

The support of the teams, a response as close as possible to the needs.


Learning trips

Travel to change your outlook, learn, be inspired and value it on your return. 



prepare teams and support them for change

Why prepare & support teams?

Just as it is important to support change in our territories and in our companies, it is necessary to prepare and support teams for change.

Each person within the team may be required to follow their own individual, professional and personal strategies. The individualization of each person's career path, the heterogeneity of life stages, personal requirements and intrinsic values ​​are all possible challenges for team management.

In addition, each territory, each company, each organization can find itself in a situation of significant change. To adapt, it is necessary to build together a new organization that can satisfy the greatest number and change together with agility.

Getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success

Henry FORD,


A man alone, even a genius, cannot play a symphony

Herbert Von Karajan,


My role as a facilitator is to allow you to initiate changes while promoting the expression of each person in their team.

This is the essential condition for a successful metamorphosis and thus sustainably build the team balance of tomorrow.

Every situation, every team, every company and every territory is different. So, to better answer you, I suggest you contact me directly to discuss.

learning trips

Astonishing travelers and astonished journeys ...


V ravel pprenants has the de velopment t erritorial (Vadet) are moments of observation, reversing plug, reflective thinking through meeting other territories in France, Europe and worldwide. Train by traveling and bring our skills as much as possible to others, territorial development learning trips constitute a unique and privileged time of self-discovery, sharing and openness to others

See: See initiatives, projects, territories, situations and touch the "complexity"

Inspire: Draw inspiration from others, inspire others

Capitalize: Capitalize on each trip to recreate in its territory, its organization the conditions for success, transfer innovations and avoid pitfalls.

Because our daily lives are strewn with actions to be carried out, institutional obligations, these learning journeys are essential breathing space for us to take a step back. They are an open window to others and to others, to our passionate and exciting peers.

We approach other realities by taking an introspective look at our practices:

- How did these actors innovate?

- What are their working levers?

- How can we be inspired by it?

These trips constitute 2 to 5% of our time but sometimes they build up and make 80 to 90% of our daily actions consistent.

Because no learning trip is like the others, the program, dates, objectives and participants are discussed with you in a personalized way. Funding can be found in different frameworks, we can explore the avenues together.

You are inspired or just curious, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss ...

The only, the true, the only journey is to change your outlook

Marcel Proust, 1871-1922