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LOGO - Les ateliers prospectifs du figeacois (9).png


A group of local actors made up of personalities from the territory; elected officials, business leaders and associations have called on Le Cube Consultants to lead their strategic planning. These actors will meet in order to exchange, debate and share their points of view on the possible trajectories of the territory. In doing so, they describe the conditions of realization of these evolutions, the forces in motion and the weak signals of change.

The objective is to reach shared visions of the future of the Grand Figeac area based on possible futures. This prospective comes in addition to the work initiated by the various actors of the territory, it also updates those which were carried out in 2012-2014. They are intended to inform local public decisions but also private companies, those of the Social Solidarity Economy (ESS) established in the territory as well as citizens' associations. A communication phase could be planned later.

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