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Establishing an HR diagnosis of a territory is an approach which aims to improve the territorial social capital. It presents the main human qualities of the territory and identifies the skills needs in the medium and long term. The HR diagnosis of a territory is an autonomous step and essential to any GPECT approach

The skills of the women and men of the territories are an intangible resource that cannot be delocated . They are a very real asset but which few companies or territories value. They can be very specific and bring a considerable advantage to the territory in the economic transition.

What will happen to the territory in 2040/2050? How can we strengthen our resilience after this Covid-19 crisis?

What should we do based on the scenarios?

What can we actually do? What are we doing to build this desired future?

All these questions are at the heart of the territorial strategic prospective approach. The method is built from current knowledge of territorial development combined with the perceptions of the actors and their intuitions.


The territorial project is a social contract at the local level. It determines the conditions and the means of a possible common between residents, businesses, institutional actors and associations of the territory. Built around the specific resources of the territory, it is much more than an urban planning document by making coherent and possible actions  in a global view.

The balance between jobs and skills in the territory requires taking into account many factors directly related to the attractiveness of the territory.

The Territorial GPEC is an innovative method  for territorial development .

Each GPEC is specific to the challenges of your territory and adapted to the needs of the inhabitants and businesses of the territory.

See other territories, consider other points of view, be inspired by the innovations of other local actors ... The learning trips of territorial development are designed according to your specific needs. In France, Europe and elsewhere in the world, in small groups, we explore the treasures of our themes: jobs, training, governance, entrepreneurship, agriculture ...

Evolutions, transitions or Dreams ... evolutions all rely on solid teams to carry the actions. Elected officials alone or technicians alone are not in a position to carry out the strategy. Partnership building is essential; it does not arise from good will alone but from appropriate and neutral facilitation.

For who ? 

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Local authorities & public institutions

The last 15 years have been marked by an in-depth reorganization of local authorities and local public institutions.

At the same time, the digital economy and the opening up of local economies to international competition are causing an upheaval in development and attractiveness strategies.

Finally, citizens' growing demands for social and ecological exemplarity are leading our public institutions to invest in new approaches to economic development.

Integrated, social and ecological, territorial development strategies combine with those of companies to be much more efficient.


How to find an operational balance while respecting the specificities of rural territories?

- Territory HR diagnosis

- Analysis of strategic territorial skills

- The territorial project through territorial resources

- Territorial strategic foresight

- Implementation of a Territorial GPEC

- Prepare the teams

- Learning journeys of territorial development

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Actors in the rural world, companies are at the heart of the development of the territory. Its attractiveness promotes recruitment and dynamism of the company and vice versa.

Sometimes engaged in CSR initiatives, companies lose sight of the necessary enhancement of their territorial footprint.

An important factor in communication, it is also a powerful lever for action and progress. Companies refer to the territory to seek long-term financing, outlets and alliances with other local companies.

To support them, we offer several services for  teams and their groups...

- Participatory strategic foresight

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Associations and individuals

Local elected official, association manager, teacher/trainer, business manager, service manager...

Each and everyone works within its structure to think up the strategy and implement the actions.

The tools are sometimes just sufficient to manage the day-to-day, the emergencies then the strategy, the long term are often neglected for lack of means of investigations and accompaniment.

In this context of rapid changes and sometimes in the face of decisive orientations for the territories, it is useful to be accompanied as closely as possible to one's needs, to build with reason the tools that will be specific to us. 

The objective is to once again become an actor in our scenario and thus manage our change strategy, our teams and our organisations.

Services offered:

- Training in territory diagnostic tools

- Training in regional HR diagnostic tools

-Individual support/coaching

All these steps are personalized, contact us for more information.