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While demographic trends are directing France, like its European partners, towards an aging population, at the same time, it is experiencing a unique situation which has persisted for many years with a high fertility rate. Thus, since 2018, it has been ranked first in Europe with an index of 1.87 [1], followed by Sweden (1.76) and Romania (1.76), well above the European average which stands at 1.56.

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A high fertility rate and an aging population are leading the territories to a very significant increase in demand for personal services. The early childhood sector, that of services for the elderly and the disabled, is becoming strategic axes of development and attractiveness of the territories.

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Without a nursery, without childminders, without home help and adapted structures, the territories have more difficulty displaying demographic attractiveness with negative consequences for economic activity and employment.


[1] The total fertility rate (TFR) is the sum of the observed fertility rates by age a given year. Source: INSEE - Demographic report 2020

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In France, the increase in life expectancy opens up several perspectives, first of all on the development of support for people at home and in particular around dependency. Then, the new generation of elderly people stay in good health for longer, they are better trained and more demanding on the services required for aging at home and in particular in terms of services. This leads to new needs related to home support.


At the level of the medical professions, the nursing assistants, who could participate in the accompaniment of the elderly person are more and more constrained to carry out only their service without having time to stay longer with the person to help him in the process. his daily life.


In general, the challenges encountered are multiple. They are first and foremost societal when it comes to preserving a certain quality of life. The scope of the SAP is relatively vague here and begins with the loss of autonomy, even very relative ...


In addition, the subject asks us about the relationship of our society to aging and in particular in terms of the care model torn between the externalized models of the home and the internalized models in families.


The challenge is to find the room for maneuver for a new territorial model of EWS The Personal Services sector (SAP) is currently facing a double qualitative and quantitative challenge when it comes to the needs of the inhabitants:

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Personal services are a fundamental issue for our contemporary societies. Whatever the territories in France or in Europe, it will be a question of taking care of our elders as well as our young ones, going through all the states of loss of autonomy. Between putting the burden on the family alone or on the state, other organizations are possible and to be sought.

The project consists in identifying, in France and in Europe with partners from different countries, the most innovative practices, the most sustainable models in order to capitalize and then offer them in our territories.

Moreover, in these sectors, recruitment difficulties are concomitant with unsuitable, too theoretical or too rigid training. This project aims to offer with our partners, micro-certifications organized in blocks of skills.

The project consists of identifying territorial innovations in the field of Personal Services and analyzing and capitalizing on them in order to be able to transfer them to its own territory.

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service aux personnes dans les territoires SAPT (4).png
service aux personnes dans les territoires SAPT (4).png
service aux personnes dans les territoires SAPT (4).png

Communauté de communes Erdre et Gesvre

Territoire de Fougères : Fougères agglomération et SCOT Pays de Fougères


BSC Kanji, Agence de développement Slovénie

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The stages of the projects

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Provisional timetable

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inter-partnership will be carried out throughout the program


face-to-face will take place at the Itinerant University of Rural Territories in 2022, supported by the National Union of Rural Family Houses (UNMFREO)


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Training in skill blocks for the Assistant-Caregiver diploma and other diplomas ...

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Research and innovation on several themes


Territory and Personal Services


Sectors and SAP such as:


Modularity of housing, new architectures of nursing homes and emerging needs

Training in digital tools in SAP


Organization and management of timetables Online monitoring of services Automation



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Video capsules

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Support for exchanging between partners.


Each territory will go to 1 or 2 partner territories




an observation area

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Capitalization summaries

Communication on these

innovations Sharing of work carried out

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